Spotlight On 2015

By Courteney Deutschmann

As 2015 kicks off, we at Beat Magazine can think of no better way to start another year, than to have a quick look ahead at what might just be making headlines, raising eyebrows and feeding your cultural fancy in the months to come.

Our first tip - and our numero uno if we were doing a kind of chart thing - goes by the name of FKA Twigs. If the name doesn’t ring any bells yet, it surely will any day now and that’s exactly why we have chosen to feature her at the top of our list.


Hailing from Gloucestershire, the 26 year old synth pop artist released her debut album ‘LP1’ via Young Turks midway through 2014 and we can’t get enough. Her music and style are way left of centre, quirky, beautiful and brooding and, well, we love her. Ever found one of those artists that when you listen, literally brings you out in goose-bumps and shivers? That is FKA Twigs. Gorgeous vocals, intriguing synth melodies and just the right amount of bass. We love her and you should too.

Tip number two is an artist that we’re pretty sure you’ll have heard of by now, but hey, we still think it’s worth big-ing up James Blake. Once again, another super-talented artist UK born and bred artist, (London to be precise) and holy sh*t, why are we not collectively screaming at the top of our lungs about him?

Mr. Blake began to make a name for himself in 2011, with his self-titled debut album, which was subsequently nominated for the Mercury Music Prize. But, unfortunately, no prizes for James that year.

Don’t feel too bad for him though, because his second album ‘Overgrown’ won the illusive prize in 2013 and in 2014 he received a Grammy nomination for best new artist. James Blake consistently gives us reasons to keep him on the mp3 player. Whether it’s the rumoured collaboration with artists such as Kanye West or just his own unique musical style. Maybe, with some more notoriety he’ll get that Grammy in 2015… unless FKA gets there first.

Let’s move away from music for a second, to make way for something a little less well known. A three day event completely dedicated to dance, what are we talking about? Only the UK’s biggest dance event - snappily named Move It, that takes place at London’s Olympia over three days in February. ‘Move It’ hosts dance, dance classes, dance advice and plenty of dance shops, for all your dancing needs. For the dance enthusiast, it’s nirvana.

Street dance favs Flawless are there, as are Stopgap Dance and a sprinkling of Strictly celebs amongst others.


Next up is an event for those of you out there who can’t get enough of the outdoors, being active or just ducking out of your digital reality for a moment. Somersault is a five day festival held in North Devon, perfectly described with this one line from their press release. ’Windows roll open, fresh air floods in. Here’s to five days where freedom grows wings, takes flight and anything is possible.’ Pure poetry init.. but, back to the festival. ‘Somersault lets it’s visitors catch some waves, go for a walk about and even squeeze in a little yoga (if that’s your thing). Summer plus Somersault equals one happy bunny, and by bunny I mean me.

Our final tip for 2015 is a date at the movies! Predictions like this one can be somewhat off, personal preference and all that, but if you can’t get excited about this one, then you’re dead inside. Period.


The death march theme should be playing in your head right about now. That’s right, if you guessed it you win a wookie. Star Wars Episode VII. The long awaited seventh instalment of the Star Wars franchise is making its way onto the big screen this year and I for one cannot wait to get my red lightsaber (yes, I’m more of a dark side girl.. so sue me), extra large popcorn and mind in a VIP chair waiting for the next slice of a galaxy far, far away.

Get ready people! It’s going to be a good year.

Download FKA Twigs - LP1


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