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Permission from Alex Wood, studying Illustration at Camberwell College of Art, to repost this piece from his portfolio.


A long time ago, last year I did a project called “The Fanatic” at Camberwell during my Foundation Diploma. The whole point was to become obsessed by something, or anything really, to a fanatical point. I took the humble shape of the triangle and became fanatical about it.

Over several weeks I filled a journal with drawings strictly revolving around using triangles. I wanted the book to look as though if someone read it without knowledge of what I was doing, they would think it was most likely property of a local mental health institute. I took inspiration from a Coen Brothers’ film A Serious Man in which the protagonists brother obsessively fills a journal he calls the “Mentaculus” with dubious calculations and scrawlings. Furthermore, I thought my idea carried parallels with Close Encounters of the Third Kind in which a man has the image of a mountain burned into his brain by aliens, and becomes so obsessed by it he starts to make it out of mashed potato while eating dinner.

My journal became part of my finished piece for the project, as it became a prop that could accompany my work. I imagined that the person who wrote it could have become so obsessed by it that he or she wanted to worship this shape as if it was some sort of divine being. I also created a necklace, or talisman that could be worn as a symbol of being part of a triangle shape worshiping cult. The year before my foundation I created a pyramid sculpture out of card which I also used as part of my project.

It goes without saying that I thoroughly enjoyed this project and I have carried some of it with me. Recently I started drawing over portraits in triangles as experiments and a friend of mine produced a piece of work that inspired me to start dabbling in this project again.

The photo above is the rennaisance of this annular angular inspiration.

Photo by Alex.J.Wood, taken in ossuary of St. Leonard’s Church, Hythe
Edited in Photoshop

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