Christo Viola – Love Revolution


Born in Italy but raised everywhere, inspired by her narcissism with an innate sense for creativity, Christo 
studied Fine Art and Fashion Photography in Rome at ISFCI.

She specialises in photography and researches human sexual behaviour, shooting woman in sexual attitudes as the subjects of her work.
 Her first portfolio, named Bordel, is about sexuality and fashion.

Christo believes that fashion and sex are inseparably united to make a beautiful body that lives in contemporary society. She also believes in LOVE as a function needed to unleash creativity.

Christo always tries to be a messenger with her photos to help all women all around the world watch themselves in her works like a mirror in order to experience freedom and access their feelings.

She says :

My life as an artist began when I was 10 years old cutting the clothes for my BARBIE.


Inspiration came from loving my mother and spying on women’s bodies in the fitting room of fashion shops.


When I was young I started my studies about Anthropology and Sexuality, I absorbed everything into my aesthetic sense and fashion.

Now I use my pervasive camera to trace the beauty sexual behaviour of women. Special thanks to the body that look good thanks and to the taste and aesthetics of well-dressed people.

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