Edinburgh Diary Day 3 – #Edhouse

Day 3:

In comparison to Wednesday, Thursday was set to be just a tad more relaxed! Still copious amounts of fast food-not altogether proud of my second battered cheeseburger in as many days-but needs must.

First up in the day was back at The Pleasance Courtyard to catch Les Enfants Terribles’ new production, The Trench. This has certainly been one of the highlights this week-the company are known for consistently stunning work and this was no different. Set in WW1, the story followed a sapper tunnelling under enemy lines. Combining puppetry, projection, live accompaniment (a soundtrack of such beauty), lyrical text, mime and superb use of the set, this was an emotionally engaging and incredible show. It received a standing ovation and my god did it deserve it! Watch it if you can!!!

I was wondering what on earth could follow such a powerful production. Next stop was The Traverse once more to see Bullet Catch. This has been highlighted as a must see this year and I was very excited (and lucky) to have bought tickets. Based around the most dangerous magic trick, the bullet catch, the show explores the past of a magician who died on stage after the trick apparently went wrong. Moments of poignancy worked exceptionally well whilst tricks and some audience involvement broke up the story effectively. A solid show, if in my opinion, a little overhyped. I felt the tricks weren’t the most amazing to build to the inevitable bullet catch, but tension did build towards the big trick itself in the end.  A good show that is well worth a watch.

After this, I was racing across Edinburgh (again!) to head back to The Pleasance Dome. I had time for a quick drink in the gorgeous bar space before heading in to catch Theatre Ad Infinitum’s Translunar Paradise. Wow. This has been the hit of the Fringe for me-not a new piece, but a revival of the same show from 2011. And it was stunning. Poetic, beautiful and mesmerising. The show looks at love and loss through death and how we deal with this. I genuinely do not want to ruin anything about this piece but can say that this is a show that should be seen by everyone. Not a dry eye in the house afterwards (I ended up a blubbering wreck-thank Christ for sunglasses!) and with such power this is an unmissable show.

Next, I was invited to a networking social with House, Escalator East, ACE, promoters, companies and programmers. Again, being able to meet names in the industry I’ve both always wanted to meet or only spoken with on the phone was incredible. A great event celebrating great initiatives and hopefully more partnership work will emerge moving forward.

Last up in the day, my first (and only) piece of straight comedy this week. Back to The Pleasance Grand to catch The Boy With Tape on his Face: More Tape. A hilarious hour of very interactive comedy without a single word spoken! Excellent use of soundtracks, physicality and, of course, making audience members look like fools made this a great bit of comedy to round up the day. He’s a viral sensation, so do check him out on YouTube.

Then, back to the accommodation for a quick night cap (rum and coke of course) and a very brief sleep! Consistent late nights and early starts are beginning to make me look like a vampire but hell it’s worth it!

Up today, I’m catching Paines Plough’s Scottish playwright double bill, Monkey Bars, Northern Stage and Sugartits this evening. Until tomorrow!

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