The New Aesthetic



The New Aesthetic is artistic production oriented towards this other, machinic audience – recognition that, in the future that’s already here, our human points-of-view are no longer the only agencies we must acknowledge.

In such a world we cannot talk of digital ‘versus’ physical. The New Aesthetic is the argument that a ‘digital aesthetic’ means nothing given that every aspect of design is mediated through digital technology. Instead, as James Bridle noted“The rough, pixelated, low-resolution edges of the screen are becoming in the world.” This transference was something he wanted to document.

Can’t help but agree with Susie Lau

But is this New Aesthetic or just retro? Susie Lau of Style Bubble notes that pixellated fashion is often “another kind of nostalgia, a lo-fi way of looking at digital aesthetics. No digital images are really that pixelated any more.”


Fashion + the New Aesthetic (2.1)

Extended edit of my piece for now up on - more pictures, more words, more of an attempt to ask if a New Aesthetic fashion exists in the conscious work of designers themselves, or alternatively if it’s implicit in the wider industry and processes around them.

image credit: Reed/Rader

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