An Interview with The Nearly Naked Chef

By Sarah Blythe

Herdeep Singh KohliPrior to his new tour, I caught up with Hardeep Singh Kohli (aka The Nearly Naked Chef) for a quick fire round of questions about food, hygiene and comedy.

What is your new show about?

Nearly Naked is all about my love of food from growing up in Glasgow to cooking in Michelin star restaurants. It’s about family, food and fun.

Should we expect to see cookery with comedy, or comedy with cookery? Which of the two has the capital ‘C’?

Chat and cooking go hand in hand. For me Cooking will always just shade it. But then again, when you have made the cooking cock-ups I’ve made, comedy is never far away!

You were runner up in the first series of Celebrity masterchef. Will the audience be able to taste any of your creations during the show?

Interestingly I chose NOT to cook any Indian food on Masterchef, so the answer is no. But I am writing a new cookery book and am asking people to pledge for me to come and cook for them. Details at

If you had to sum the show up with just 3 words, what would they be?

We love curry

Have you always loved comedy? If so, who has inspired you along the way?

Growing up in Glasgow comedy and banter were ever present. Billy Connolly, Chick Murray, the Two Ronnies, Morcambe and Wise…we were blessed to grow up in the halcyon days of comedy. My little brother is hilarious, as is my mum.

Are you actually naked during the show? Is that hygienic?!

I am not naked. I’m terribly hygenic.

So we know you are a comedian, and you are a good cook, but what else are you passionate about?

Music means a lot to me, as the arts do in general. I’m passionate about my friends and my family. And Adidas.

Do you identify yourself as a stand up comedian, or are you first and foremost a journalist/writer?

Honestly? I’m a story teller. However I choose to tell stories, be it food, journalisim, broadcasting, whatever the mode, I share stories. And I’m blessed to be allowed to.

What is your least favourite cuisine and why?

Gosh. I don’t think I could damn an entire cuisine! Every type of food has some good and some bad. I’m not mad about Innuit food; whale blubber and raw seal aren’t really my thing!


Many thanks to Hardeep for the interview.

For more information about Hardeep’s tour, click here.

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